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Ford Bronco

Structured for success.

Every year, Multimatic delivers over 20 million automotive structural components, optimized for maximum strength at minimum mass.

Delivering a broad and expanding range of products:

Structures - the strength within

Body Structures
Components and subassemblies for global vehicle platforms.

Expertise in a multitude of materials:

ACCRA bumper for Dodge JourneyRoll-formed and stamped steel components are seam- or spot-welded to create impact beams, roof bows and rocker panel structures.

Jeep JT (Gladiator) Sport Bar

The ACCRA process is ideal for high strength impact beams, door impact systems, crossmembers, roof structures, Small Overlap Rigid Barrier (SORB) energy deflection tubes and other structural members.

Bent tubular and stamped aluminum components are MIG welded to produce IP structures. Some also include riveted-on aluminum, magnesium castings or plastic over-moulding.

Rocker panels are produced using roll-formed martensitic steel, spot-welded (through structural adhesive) to high-precision stampings.

Roll- or press-bent, high-strength aluminum extrusions are welded to bracketry to produce lightweight impact beams.

Advanced carbon fibre composites are used to produce a variety of structural products. A separate section explains what we can deliver for you.

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