Formed-in strength.

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ACCRA proprietary form-blow-hardening technology is ideal for producing complex hollow-profile structures that are ultra-strong, yet lightweight.

The ACCRA process:

Boron steel being prepared for ACCRA processing

1. Low cost raw materials
Boron steel tubing is sourced or fabricated in-house, and used as-is or preformed.

Ford Ranger with Multimatic SORB tubes

Multimatic produces over two million SORB tubes per year, including for the North American Ford Ranger.

ACCRA is ideal for:

Jeep Gladiator (JT) with ACCRA Sportbar

Jeep JT (Gladiator) Sport Bar

Roof Structures
Both the the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator feature an exposed ACCRA Sport Bar — manufactured by Multimatic.

ACCRA structures achieve 1500+ MPa strength and are well-suited for products requiring:


High structural performance (comparable to hot stamping/PHS) within tight packaging constraints


Light weight, without the cost of exotic materials


Closed-section assemblies with no heat-affected zones


Aggressive bends, sweeps or indents with dimensional stability and accuracy over long parts


Variability based on profile cut length

ACCRA design benefits case study

Case Study

ACCRA Design Benefits: A-Pillar

Balancing A-pillar vision obstruction against crash and roof-crush requirements is a major challenge in vehicle development. Read more…