Case Study

ACCRA® Packaging Advantages

Minimizing A-pillar Vision Obstruction

Minimizing A-pillar vision obstruction while meeting vehicle crash and roof-crush requirements is a major challenge during vehicle development. Our ACCRA hot-blow-form technology solves this problem.

Key advantages of ACCRA hot-blow-form tube design

The ACCRA process delivers:

  • Complex, hollow-profile, fully-martensitic structures at 1500+ MPa strength
  • Very high strength with repeatable metallurgical and performance characteristics
  • Lightweight products without the use of exotic materials
  • A variable cross-section (up to a 20% transitional increase in section profile size) to optimize packaging space and structural stiffness where required
  • Uniform material property throughout the component, with no heat-affected zones
  • Excellent part tolerance control due to minimized residual component stress


Optimized A-pillar packaging

The ACCRA process is well suited for production of A-pillars because:

  • A reduced cross-section is achievable, providing enhanced packaging opportunities and an increased vision zone
  • The internal ACCRA tube is designed to match or exceed performance targets of traditional stamped body structures
  • Tight tolerance control of the finished structure means the windscreen can optionally be bonded directly to the ACCRA tube


Driver vision optimization

  • The windscreen bond region can be located directly over the ACCRA section, optimizing packaging volume
  • A-pillar trim optimization significantly improves driver vision angles
  • Attachment features integrated into the ACCRA form eliminate the need for additional brackets
  • Further improvement is possible with optimization of the door frame / A-pillar interface


Increased driver-side visibility

Increased passenger-side visibility