Expert seat-of-the-pants analysis.

Subjective Evaluation is performed by our industry-leading ride and handling professionals.

Drivers, start your evaluation…

DIL Driving Simulator

Driver-in-the-Loop Simulator
Before prototypes are built, our world-class simulators let drivers realistically experience and evaluate a vehicle’s dynamic behaviour.

Vehicle Testing

Some of the world’s leading ‘seat-of-the-pants’ experts:

  • Murray White is Multimatic’s US-based Technical Director of Vehicle Development. The ride and handling of numerous OEM vehicles have benefitted from his involvement
  • Michael Barber is Multimatic’s Australia-based Vehicle Dynamics Engineering Manager, providing support to companies in the Asia Pacific region
  • Steve Curtis is Multimatic’s lead suspension design engineer in the UK
  • Scott Maxwell is Multimatic’s lead development driver, and provides thorough and verifiable technical feedback

Calabogie Motorsports Park is Multimatic’s “at home” proving grounds.

A private, secure and technically challenging track located near Ottawa, Canada. Multimatic maintains dedicated garage and training facilities on-site.