Real-world benefits from the virtual world.

Multimatic’s simulators integrate our closed-loop vehicle dynamics optimization process, and are true differentiators for ride and handling assessment:

SimCenter Detroit DiM 250 simulator from VI-grade

United States
Multimatic SimCenter Detroit features a state-of-the-art VI-grade DiM250 simulator.

Multimatic has built one of the best Sims in the business
Jonathan M. Gitlin
Ars Technica

Our simulators enable realistic evaluation early in the product development cycle.


World-class vehicle dynamics experts complement our simulators:

  • Peter Gibbons, Technical Director of Multimatic Vehicle Dynamics, boasts an impressive record of race engineering success, including six IndyCar championships and four Indianapolis 500 wins. 
  • Lars Ogilvie, Lead Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, implemented quantitative systems such as Adams/CAR into vehicle dynamics modelling.