//     Structures and Suspension

Multimatic engineers and manufactures high-value suspension components for some of the world’s highest-volume production vehicles.

  • 70% of the North American pickup truck market relies on Multimatic suspension components.
  • Ford's current Mustang rides on Multimatic's forged steel suspension links with integral ball joints.
  • Developed for the 2005 Mustang, the award-winning I-Beam control arm was an industry-first.
  • Multimatic is an OEM-approved global supplier of suspension ball joints.
  • Multimatic's steel control arms deliver weight and performance comparable to pricier aluminum.
  • Multimatic meets VW’s exacting requirements for the Jetta's twist-axle stampings.

Multimatic is the supplier of choice for:

  • Mass-optimized stamped steel, welded control arms and links
  • Cast, forged and machined steel suspension components
  • Machined, fully assembled aluminum suspension components
  • Cartridge, or integral ball-joints for all suspension applications
  • Multimatic DSSV™ damping technology for road car applications