Multimatic DSSV: From Track to Trail

May 26th, 2017 – Having earned rave reviews for versatility in handling dirt and asphalt with equal aplomb, GM’s Colorado ZR2 has hit dealerships sporting the off-road world’s latest motorsport-derived technology: Multimatic DSSV dampers.

The Detroit News’ Henry Payne spoke with Multimatic’s technical director of vehicle development, Murray White, on the Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve’s path from the top echelons of motor racing to some of the most advanced cars on the road, and on to the desert trail. “When you stop and think about ride and handling requirements, it’s all about the precise control of the suspension,” says White. “It doesn’t matter what it is — a tank, a truck, a race car — precision control of the way the suspension moves is what you want.”

Visit the Detroit News to read the full article, with insight on motorsport-to-road technology transfer and images featuring DSSV dampers developed for myriad applications.