Multimatic DSSV Damping Technology

Superior dynamic performance with a highly linear force-frequency response. Reduced part-to-part force variation; accelerated development cycle through on-damper adjustable development units supported by valve configuration software; ‘no-change’ transition from development units to production parts through identical nonadjustable valve configurations; complete flexibility in defining force-velocity characteristics; SpecFinder™ software allowing accurate and consistent prediction of force-velocity characteristics; temperature-insensitive and cavitation-proof hydraulic circuit.

Factory or series specified for Lola, HPD, and Courage LMP cars; Aston Martin One-77; Camaro Z/28. Series-specified for DTM, Formula 3, Indy Lights, and Ferrari Challenge. Winner of four F1 titles, 5 IndyCar championships, and 7 Le Mans class wins, and now developed for volume road car applications.