Multimatic and Ford – a Winning Partnership in 2005

MARKHAM, Ontario (November 9th, 2005) – The successful partnership between Multimatic and Ford Motor Company has continued to collect trophies and awards, both on and off the race track throughout 2005.

img_vir_11_9_lrWhile Multimatic Motorsports and Ford recently clinched the team’s, driver’s and manufacturer’s championship in Grand Am Cup competition with the Ford Mustang FR500C, this was not the first significant award collected this year.

Multimatic was commissioned to design, build and race Ford’s new Mustang but the Canadian company also played a key role in the creation of the 2005 Mustang road car.

One of Multimatic’s contributions to the success of the 2005 Mustang included the design and manufacture of a unique suspension front lower control arm that is configured to utilize two complex press formed stampings, welded together to form a highly efficient I-beam cross-section.

This patented design earned Multimatic a 2005 Automotive News Pace Award for Innovation. Presented in Detroit on April 11, the award recognised Multimatic’s proprietary I-Beam Control Arm Technology as one of the top four automotive technology innovations of the year.

“We are extremely proud to have played a key role in the success of the Mustang, both on the road and on the race track,” Multimatic Vice President, Larry Holt said.

“To have the Pace Award for innovation and the Grand Am Cup championship trophy sitting side-by-side in our display cabinet continues our great history of success with Ford.”

Multimatic Motorsports’ Mustang FR500C race program included the build of 25 customer cars for Ford to sell through the Ford Performance Parts catalogue.

img_larry_holt_lrIn addition to the three victories achieved by Multimatic – two further victories in Grand Am Cup were achieved by a customer car.

Multimatic’s motorsport history with Ford also includes the design construction and opening race victory at the Rolex 24 at Daytona of Ford Focus Daytona Prototype in 2003.

A key supplier of innovative components and engineering services to Ford, Multimatic has been the recipient numerous awards from the OEM including a World Excellence Silver Award for 2003 and a Gold Award for 2001.

That placed Multimatic as one of Ford’s top eight global suppliers.

award_lrMultimatic plays a key role in the development of Ford road cars including the design and manufacture of components and systems including:

  • Instrument Panel structures,
  • Suspension components,
  • Composite body/chassis components,
  • Hinge and check systems for swinging and sliding closures,
  • Advanced function truck tailgate devices, and
  • Damper systems.

In addition Multimatic has undertaken vehicle dynamic development programs for a number of key products and has recently completed the Canadian certification of the Ford GT.

“2005 has been a banner year for the Ford/Multimatic relationship in both racing and product innovation and I have every reason to believe it will continue into the future,” Holt said.

Multimatic is a privately held Canadian corporation supplying components, systems and services to the global automotive industry. The company is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and has operating divisions in North America and Europe with partners in Asia, South America and Australia.

Multimatic specializes in the manufacture of stampings, welded assemblies, mechanisms, and suspension components, as well as the design and development of automotive body and chassis systems. Multimatic uses advanced technologies to achieve outstanding product quality, delivery and functional performance.