DSSV-Equipped Z/28 is MT’s ‘Best Driver’s Car’


MARKHAM, Ontario (September 25, 2014) – In their own words, Motor Trend magazine’s annual ‘Best Driver’s Car’ comparison is “all about determining which new car is the best to drive on both a canyon road and a racetrack.”

MT‘s editors admit to having once considered the Camaro’s odds laughable in such a contest, but in the case of the DSSV®-equipped Z/28, “few other cars we can think of have made such an advance in a single generation.” The car’s transformation is underscored by its victory in a field that MT’s editors deemed “better than ever,” and the award puts Detroit’s work in some good company: the six previous winners consisted of four Porsche models, Ferrari’s 458 Italia, and Audi’s R8.

For those doubting the potential for four dampers to contribute significantly to such a result, please read on:

Nowhere is this more evident than in driver confidence. Many a judge remarked on the ease and speed with which they became comfortable pushing the car hard on our closed canyon road… from the outside, the Z/28’s suspension attacks bumps and dips with an unbridled passion for keeping the tires on the pavement. Yes, the ride is very stiff and you feel every one of those bumps, but they don’t unsettle the car and they don’t test your nerve… it feels as though the car is bowling right through the bumps and actively flattening the road as it goes, as if the car is punishing the road for punishing you…

Admittedly, this can be difficult to visualize without the help of DSSV® SpecFinder software or Multimatic’s Dynamic Suspensions DynoSoft, so we recommend watching MT’s video to see the DSSV® advantage in action. Meanwhile, Multimatic and Dynamic Suspensions extend our continuing congratulations once again to team Z/28.