De Macross GT1 Supercar Exceeds All Expectations at First Track Test

KERSHAW, South Carolina (March 29th, 2011) – The De Macross GT1, an all new supercar conceived and designed by Korean entrepreneur Jahong Hur, turned its wheels for the first time at Carolina Motorsports Park and underwent an intensive two day track test with exceptional results.

The ultra performance sportscar, which has been engineered and built by Multimatic, was put through its paces by company development driver Scott Maxwell as an initial systems check and overall evaluation.  However, the car’s outstanding reliability and excellent out-of-the-box handling characteristics saw the Multimatic engineering team well into the process of optimizing each of the innovative systems on the vehicle by the afternoon of the first day.

Test highlights include:

  • Roll-out was delayed by morning rain but on a drying track and within three laps of leaving the garage, Maxwell was confident enough with the car’s balance, grip and response to begin pushing the car hard enough to necessitate a change from street brake pads to a more aggressive race compound.
  • With the supercar’s active suspension system set to the “road” configuration, Maxwell was impressed with the car’s ability to transfer 800+ horsepower effectively to the ground while providing a firm but comfortable ride.  His assessment being that the suspensions initial tuning was so good, due in part to the comprehensive pre-build vehicle dynamic simulation and time spent on Multimatic’s proprietary 4-post rig, that no major spring rate or damper adjustments were required.
  • After numerous successful shakedown runs, performance levels were increased further with a simple flick of the active suspension switch on the dashboard, which simultaneously increased spring and damper rates and lowered the ride height by 25 mm, raising the dynamic performance to competition car levels. As a result, sustained lateral loads increased to over 1.2G and Maxwell’s observation was that the supercar handled like it was on rails.
  • The second day of testing was spent optimizing the car’s traction control, brakes, engine mapping, active suspension and industry first damper coupled hydraulic anti-roll system, as well as undertaking sustained high speed lapping in order to assess overall reliability.

The unmitigated success of the De Macross GT1’s initial shakedown test can be directly attributed to Multimatic’s integrated approach to design, engineering, manufacturing and development. By utilizing advanced techniques such as real time vehicle dynamics and CFD simulation as well as proprietary 4-post and K&C testing, the DeMacross performed exceedingly well right out of the box. The car is now one step closer to becoming a true supercar contender. Testing and evaluation will continue at Calabogie Motorsports Park before a final production specification car is released to the public in the next few months.



Mr. Jahong Hur

“When I met with Larry Holt and Mr. Hao Wang of Multimatic about one year ago, my objective was to develop a beautiful ‘race car for the road’.  It needed to look elegant and be drivable on the street, but it also needed to have the raw power and handling to be thrilling on the track. Multimatic has delivered a car that exceeds the parameters I initially set out, both in build quality and performance, and I am now looking forward to completing the design of the interior and driving the GT1 on the road.”

Scott Maxwell

“The Multimatic team sure knows how to develop a car.  It was truly impressive that I was able to get into the DeMacross having never turned a wheel under its own power, and within two or three laps feel confident enough that I was exceeding the capabilities of the street pads and needed to get something more aggressive installed. I was also very impressed with the active suspension control and the transformation that it makes when switching from the road to race setting. Unlike some “performance enhancement” switches I have used, this system really works, and even a novice will notice the huge change in the car.  Another characteristic of the GT1 that impressed me is the awesome rear grip.  With well over 800 horsepower under my right foot, the last thing you want is the car wanting to swap ends as you put the power down. The DeMacross has no such tendency, and has the potential to be an amazing track car as well as a thrilling road car.  I am looking forward to seeing how it develops with further testing and optimization.”

Larry Holt

“I really couldn’t be happier with the results of our two day test at Kershaw.  The most overwhelmingly positive aspect was the reliability…….it was truly as if we had gone into a showroom and bought a fully developed car and hot lapped it for two days.  We did not have so much as a drip of coolant escape.  This is a testament to the entire team that worked on the program from the chassis engineering and build in England to the vehicle integration and overall design in Canada, Sean Mason’s crew that screwed the entire thing together in record time and Roush-Yates who gave us an engine that was perfect from the minute it came to life.  I am very proud of what was achieved in just over one year, a totally new supercar with cutting edge active suspension technology capable of competing against anything else the industry has to offer.  I believe that there is not another engineering organization in the world that could have pulled this off.  Finally, I want to thank Mr. Hur for having the vision and desire to allow us to bring this exciting project to life.”