Multimatic Introduces VI-DriveSim Dynamic Simulator at 2011 Vehicle Dynamics Expo

MARKHAM, Ontario (April 26th, 2011) – Multimatic, in cooperation with VI-grade, Concurrent and Ansible Motion, are pleased to announce the release of VI-DriveSim Dynamic at the 2011 Vehicle Dynamics Expo in Stuttgart, Germany May 17th – 19th. VI-DriveSim Dynamic is the first affordable, high fidelity, ‘Hardware and Driver-in-the-Loop’ vehicle dynamics simulator ideal for use by road and race car dynamics engineers as a development tool.

Come experience the VI-DriveSim Dynamic simulator at Multimatic’s booth at the 2011 Vehicle Dynamics Expo (Messe Stuttgart, Hall 3, Booth 5600). For more information or to reserve an exclusive demonstration, contact simulator@multimatic.com

VI-DriveSim Dynamic features:

  • Industry leading vehicle physics model from VI-grade
  • Real time calculation using Concurrent Computer technology
  • A sophisticated Ansible Motion platform with six degrees of freedom developed specifically for road vehicle dynamics resulting in superior actuation compared to hexapod platforms
  • Accurate mapping of actual road and track circuits
  • Multimatic developed vehicle cockpit with driver feedback function for road and race car environments
  • All-in-one compact package with low power consumption suitable for “office” installation

Multimatic will also have production and advanced engineering products on display at the show, including Multimatic DSSV Formula One damping technology, lightweight suspension products, innovative hinge and door check systems including the Multimatic Infinite Door Check. Information about the carbon fibre engineering and production work carried out on the Aston Martin One-77 and De Macross GT1 will also be displayed.



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