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Multimatic is a full-service supplier of composite components, systems and body/chassis structures.

  • Multimatic's extensive experience in composite body and chassis development dates back to 1998.
  • Aston Martin's CC100 Speedster features bodywork tooled and produced entirely by Multimatic.
  • The carbon composite monocoque of AML's One-77 was engineered and produced by Multimatic.
  • Multimatic's 2.7m x 7m autoclaves are some of the largest commercially available in North America.
  • Multimatic Composites provides BIW assembly at its niche vehicle assembly facility in the UK.
  • In-house technological developments significantly reduce cycle times for volume produced parts.
  • Multimatic's aerodynamics team can utilize composite scale models manufactured in-house.

Multimatic’s Composites department has the materials knowledge and sophisticated tools required to design and produce composite products and assemblies for a wide range of applications.

Further, the company’s specialized engineering expertise and low- or high-volume manufacturing proficiency offer ‘one-stop shopping’ for its many international repeat customers:

  • Major automotive OEMs
  • Motorsports teams
  • Performance aftermarket parts suppliers
  • Boat manufacturers
  • Other unique non-automotive customers

With experienced teams of design engineers, tool and mould makers and composites fabricators on both sides of the Atlantic, Multimatic confidently declares: “If you can draw it, we can build it”. A napkin sketch might even be enough to start this ‘art-to-part’ process.