// Multimatic Composites

Multimatic delivers advanced composite products for a wide range of customers and applications.

  • The Mercedes-AMG GT R's carbon fibre "tunnelcross" is produced using Multimatic’s high-volume SPP (Selective Pre-Preg) technology.
  • Multimatic delivers current-generation Lola race car components and spares.
  • Composite non-automotive projects include lightweight telecommunications products.
  • The Dodge Viper TA wears a front splitter and rear spoiler produced by Multimatic.
  • Multimatic's expertise attracts competitive sailors for specialized products like this carbon wing mast.
  • Multimatic has extensive experience meeting challenging size and form requirements.
  • Multimatic’s autoclaves have turned out championship-winning race catamarans.

Multimatic is an innovator at applying carbon composites to automotive and non-automotive applications.