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Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSV™) is the damper of choice for professional motor racing teams worldwide.

  • Red Bull Racing won four consecutive Formula 1 World Championships on DSSV™ dampers.
  • The DSSV™ lineup includes inerter-equipped dampers.
  • A pen helps illustrate the actual size of this Formula 3 damper.
  • DSSV™ proved so dominant in DTM that it was made the spec damper for the series.
  • DSSV™ is the damper delivered on all Ferrari 458 Challenge race cars.
  • Ferrari 458 and 488 GT3 and GTLM racers are factory-equipped with DSSV™

DSSV™ damping technology was pioneered in 2002 when it helped to win five Champ Car championships. More recently, Red Bull Racing earned the 2010 to 2013 Formula 1 World Championships on DSSV™ dampers.

Additional motorsport applications include:

  • Factory installation on:
    • Ford GT
    • Ford Mustang GT4
    • Multimatic-Riley Mk. 30
    • Ford GT350 R-C
    • Lola
    • HPD (Honda Performance Development) LMP1 and LMP2
    • Ferrari 458 and 488 GT3 and GTLM
  • Selection as “spec” damper for:

DSSV™ is the damper of choice for race teams around the globe, including an astonishing 25 of the 60 entries in the 2016 24 Hours of LeMans including 3 of the 4 division winners. Trackside damper services and engineering support are also provided by Multimatic.