//     Multimatic Mechanisms

A comprehensive range of vehicle hinges.

  • Innovative Multimatic PedPro™ pedestrian protection hood hinges now equip BMW's X1 crossover.
  • Multimatic BridgelessHingeTM excels where space saving and light weight are crucial.
  • Ford's global Ecosport CUV features Multimatic's innovative pedestrian protection hood hinge system.
  • The BMW X5 incorporates Multimatic's liftgate and dropgate hinges.
  • Multimatic's aluminum liftgate and decklid hinges effectively minimize weight.
  • Multimatic offers a range of hidden and exposed cargo door hinge and check solutions.
  • Multimatic produces mechanisms such as this hood hinge for the heavy truck industry.

Multimatic’s automotive closures experience dates back to 1984, and encompasses hinges for side doors, rear cargo doors, hoods, decklids, liftgates, dropgates, tailgates, tonneau covers, sliding doors and power closures.