Active Suspension

A step ahead.

Multimatic TrueActive™ Spool Valve (TASV) Dampers proactively exert force to move the entire vehicle body in anticipation of changing road surfaces and driver inputs to achieve optimal performance, stability and ride comfort in all conditions without compromise.

Compared to other solutions on the market, this new suspension architecture offers numerous advantages by combining electric motor actuation with a high-precision spool valve hydraulic damper into one fully integrated system. The electric motor ensures that body and wheels can be controlled actively with more force authority and at higher frequencies than traditional adaptive or semi-active systems.
Ferrari Purosangue Press Release

How it works:

Multimatic TrueActive™ Spool Valve Damper Exploded View

The first production active suspension in the world to integrate a unique liquid cooled 48V three-phase brushless electric motor with spool valve damping to supplement vehicle springs with parallel force actuation through the damper.

The Multimatic TASV Damper System is the breakthrough technology that enables achievement of the elusive goal to give a vehicle ultimate handling performance, stability and ride comfort, all without compromise.


Ultimate performance – continuous vehicle body control to achieve targeted vertical, roll and pitch dynamics at any speed, maximizing traction and dynamically optimise under/oversteer handling balance.


Unparalleled ride quality – optimise tire contact with the road as the vehicle drives over rough surfaces, delivering exceptional ride quality and platform stability.


Eliminates the need for any anti-roll devices and additional mechanisms for dynamic ride height and rate adjustment.


Control vehicle wheel motions with more authority and at higher frequencies than adaptive or semi-active suspension systems.


Immediate force output from the dampers based on commands from a centralised vehicle dynamics controller.


Highly precise, predictable and consistent spool valve damping – proven on championship-winning race cars and high performance production vehicles on and off the road.

TrueActive™ Dampers were created to empower the suspension system with the ability to simultaneously deliver what the driver wants, what the tire wants, and what the vehicle needs to attain a performance envelope and level of vehicle control far beyond what is possible with electronically adaptive and semi-active systems.
Raj Nair
President and COO of Multimatic