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Door Check Timeline

Over 160 different vehicle models use Multimatic’s Ball&GrooveCheck™.

A recognized leader in the engineering and manufacture of door check systems since 1986.

Jaguar I-Pace

Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheck™
Patented in 1992, the Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheck™ is available in multiple configurations.

Multimatic produces a range of encapsulated-arm door checks.

Original Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheck™
With 8mm or 12mm balls (for heavy duty applications), Multimatic’s Ball&GrooveCheck provides world-class feel, and is custom engineered for each door and vehicle configuration.

Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheck™ Gen2
Without the stamped steel housing of Multimatic’s original Ball&GrooveCheck, the Gen2 version provides equivalent performance but at slightly less mass.

Multimatic High Energy (HE) Ball&GrooveCheck™
Capable of delivering 4J of closing energy, high energy (HE) variants of Multimatic’s Ball&GrooveCheck are ideal for handling high seal loads. 8mm or 12mm versions all feature an aggressively ramped encapsulated check arm.

Multimatic HighValueCheck™

Multimatic HighValueCheck™
Using a torsion bar in lieu of coil springs and without ball bearings, this innovative hinge design uses fewer components than a traditional Ball&GrooveCheck, and is slightly lighter.

Multimatic MultiStop™ Check
Similar in appearance to the Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheck Gen2, the MultiStop incorporates a configurable friction zone along the encapsulated arm, able to hold the door at any position.

Elastomeric Check
Lightweight and compact, elastomeric checks use a high density rubber spring instead of steel, to provide a distinctive feel.

Multimatic BridgelessHinge™, with integrated NeedleCheck™

Multimatic NeedleCheck™
Multimatic’s NeedleCheck system cartridge can be integrated into a BridgelessHinge™.

180° and 270° cargo door hinges with NeedleCheck™
Multimatic’s innovative NeedleCheck cartridge can be used singly, or in pairs in 180° or 270° cargo door hinges.

Multimatic also delivers application-specific PowerDoor™ systems that incorporate door-check functionality.
Multimatic Door Checks