Multi-Post Testing

Modal suspension performance, defined.

Multimatic 4-Post Test Rig

Our multi-post rigs are developed in-house, using proprietary hardware, control systems and analytical software.

Our unique approach includes:


Modal evaluation – Constant peak velocity frequency sweeps conducted in heave, pitch, roll & warp from 0.25 to 40Hz.

Analysis – Proprietary software allows for modal analysis utilizing frequency response functions, summarized for efficient vehicle performance evaluation.

Roll distribution – Characterization of static and dynamic roll stiffness distribution.

Vehicle damper architecture – Provides the option for alternative damper specifications for customers to trial post-test.

Key roles of multi-post tests:


Providing estimates of vehicle properties.


Identifying sources of vehicle deficiencies.


Quantifying effects on suspension performance.


Optimizing dampers, tires and springs.


Characterizing different suspension systems.


Reviewing previous/existing vehicle set-ups.

Multimatic supports a range of vehicle development and optimization programs from dedicated multi-post facilities in Canada and the UK.

Multimatic 4-Post Test Rig

Automotive Development
Evaluation to characterize key frequency modes.

Chevrolet Pickup on 4-Post Rig