Vehicle Packaging & Architecture

The foundation of vehicle engineering.

Vehicle Packaging

We account for each customer program’s specific criteria:

  • Production volume
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Material technologies
  • Timing
  • Commercial and market objectives

Our expert team meets all performance objectives and legislative requirements:

  • Occupant seating packaging
  • Definition of occupant reach zones
  • Occupant vision studies
  • Pedal packaging
  • Instrument panel and HVAC packaging
  • Windshield surface and cowl location
  • Steering column packaging
  • I-shaft routing and feasibility
  • Glass drops and door packaging
  • Door swing / cutline development
  • Wiper patterns
  • Ground line / vehicle attitude development
  • Powertrain packaging, including half-shafts, mounts and cooling
  • Engine compartment plug points
  • Fuel tank and filler tube routing
  • Exhaust routing
  • Front and rear suspension package, including brakes and steering gear
  • Tire size selection and tire clearance envelope generation
  • Front rail sizing and spacing
  • Bumper geometry and pendulum studies
  • Turning-circle development
  • Cargo capacity studies

We implement a range of vehicle architectures and powertrain configurations.

Vehicle Packaging and Architecture

Aluminum-Intensive Vehicles
Multimatic packaged and developed an aluminum-intensive PHEV van for Bright Automotive.

Aston Martin One-77 chassis graphic

Many international repeat customers recognize our carbon fibre expertise.

  • Major automotive OEMs
  • Motorsport teams
  • Performance aftermarket parts suppliers
  • Boat manufacturers
  • Other unique non-automotive customers

Our industry-leading approach to structural composites development:


Design and engineering of sophisticated composite products – from nose boxes to chassis to complete vehicles


An integrated development process with a Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-driven starting phase


Analytical tools and techniques for crash performance simulation and mass optimization


An extensive proprietary database of composite material properties


In-depth fracture and failure research