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Multimatic’s Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) Simulators enable realistic subjective evaluation early in the product development cycle.

  • Specialized motion platform provides the driver realistic, vehicle-like feedback.
  • Visual, aural and tactile feedback make DIL simulation an ideal tool for vehicle development and setup.
  • Engineers operate the simulator from a control room. Customers can remotely monitor test progress.
  • Extensive validation ensures close correlation with real-world data.
  • Simulation playback integrates driver interactions for combined objective/subjective evaluation.

Filling the gap between objective simulation metrics and in-vehicle subjective evaluations, Multimatic’s DIL Simulators enable real-time ‘driver-in-the-loop’ feedback in a controlled environment.

The Multimatic DIL Simulator was named 2012 Development Tool of the Year by Vehicle Dynamics International for its advanced capabilities:

  • Virtual assessment of vehicle, driver and component performance using statistical evaluation of driver inputs in response to subjective impressions
  • Complex integration and development of vehicle control algorithms and hardware (yaw-stability, e-differential, ECU, ABS, active damping, etc.) tested through the range of human variability
  • ‘Real world’ testing without concern for external elements, such as weather and changing track conditions, enabling consistent results while minimizing risk and cost

Multimatic DIL Simulators have also been designed with these additional features:

  • VI-CarRealTime analysis engine for industry-leading real-time, high-fidelity, fully dynamic simulation
  • Real time calculation using Concurrent Computer technology
  • Sophisticated motion platform with coupled motion of pitch, roll and heave, developed specifically for road vehicle dynamics
  • 160°, 1.5m high, 4m diameter cylindrical screen, creating a large field of vision and a highly immersive experience
  • Accurate mapping of actual circuits
  • Multimatic-developed vehicle cockpit with driver feedback function for road and race car environments

Multimatic DIL Simulators were developed with the guidance of renowned vehicle dynamics experts:

  • Technical Director of Multimatic Vehicle Dynamics, Peter Gibbons, boasts an impressive record of race engineering success, including six IndyCar championships and four Indianapolis 500 wins. 
  • Lead Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Lars Ogilvie, has been instrumental in implementing quantitative systems such as Adams/CAR in vehicle dynamics modelling.

For more information regarding Multimatic DIL Simulators, please contact Peter Gibbons at Multimatic Technical Centre.