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Multimatic’s proven engineering and technical proficiencies bring dream cars to reality.

  • The Aston Martin One-77 chassis and suspension were engineered and built by Multimatic.
  • Having fully engineered its body and powertrain integration, Multimatic also assembled a small fleet of Frazer-Nash hybrid-electric Metrocab prototypes for London evaluation.
  • Multimatic was responsible for the overall body engineering of Aston Martin's V12 Zagato, and manufactured its paint-ready body-in-white.
  • Aston Martin’s two commemorative CC100 speedsters were engineered and delivered as rolling bodies-in-white by Multimatic.
  • Multimatic engineered and produced body, chassis, and suspension components for RUF’s CTR3.
  • Multimatic was responsible for crash certification, simulation, engineering and testing for the Azure Dynamics Transit Connect delivery vehicle.
  • Multimatic performed all body engineering – including crash certification – for Aston Martin's V12 Lagonda Taraf, and manufactures its paint-ready bodies-in-white.

Multimatic’s proven skills in building road-going niche vehicles include:

  • Program management for show cars, test mules and low-volume builds
  • Design and production from a ‘clean sheet’ – or from a donor vehicle when time or budgets are limited
  • Chassis design and analysis capabilities spanning all vehicle architectures and materials
  • Packaging and vehicle layout for conventional or alternative powertrains
  • Design, fabrication and/or adaptation of components and subsystems
  • Suspension design, development and production
  • Tuning and vehicle dynamics optimization
  • Chassis and body construction in a variety of materials
  • Paint and final assembly
  • Safety certification and market-specific homologation