//     Engineering

Multimatic’s engineering approach ensures production feasibility.

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) techniques are applied throughout Multimatic.
  • Optimizing weld sequencing and quality at the prototype stage saves time and costs in production.
  • Multimatic's predictive methods result in improved design for manufacture.
  • Innovative concepts - such as this integrated-duct IP - are prototyped for production evaluation.

Multimatic applies the following methods and practices to ensure robust high-volume production:

  • FEA-based forming simulation
  • Prototyping with high-volume production intent:
    • Forming process development, including press energy tracking
    • Process simulation
    • Blank development
    • Linked design of prototype and production dies
    • Weld-sequencing and -fixturing development
    • ‘Lessons learned’ for production
  • Design, analysis, test and prototyping activities, housed under one roof, facilitate collaboration and continuous feedback
  • Early engagement of manufacturing personnel and external suppliers for seamless hand-off to production