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Kudos for DSSV™

Prior to its appearance at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Hall Racing successfully took a suitably modified Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup — the “Haularado” — desert racing, with a journalist from Four Wheeler magazine along for the ride. Afterwards, the scribe was effusive in his praise of the Haularado ZR2’s Multimatic DSSV™ position-sensitive […] read more

Praise from Popular Science

Multimatic was well represented when Popular Science revealed its “10 most important automotive technologies of the year”. On their list was Multimatic’s mechatronic rear wing that morphs to dramatically enhance the Ford GT supercar’s aerodynamic performance. Also highlighted were the Chevrolet ZR2’s position-sensitive Multimatic DSSV™ spool-valve dampers that make the pickup equally at home on-road […] read more

Ford GT in Norway

Exquisite videography, a scintillating soundtrack and sublime scenery highlight this 11-minute romp across Norway in a Triple Yellow Ford GT, starting with a cruise along the Atlantic Ocean Road and climaxing in a production-car lap record at Arctic Circle Raceway — the world’s northernmost track. read more

Canadian Ford GT Deliveries Underway

On September 26th, Richard L’Abbe took delivery of one of the first Ford GTs sold in Canada. Mr. L’Abbe is co-founder and former president/CEO of Med-Eng Systems Inc., a leader in explosive ordnance disposal equipment. He is also a partner in Calabogie Motorsports Park — Multimatic’s “home” test track, and therefore a particularly appropriate venue […] read more

Levels of Automated Driving

Not all “Autonomous Vehicles” are created equal; they can fall into one of five categories, depending on capability. To learn what those categories entail, explore these informative links: SAE – Automated Driving.  Levels of driving automation defined in SAE International Standard J3016 NHTSA Levels of Automation C/Net has produced a video that provides an interesting, […] read more