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» Ford GT dampers by Multimatic

» Ford Mustang rear suspension centre link

» 2005 Ford Mustang rear link

» Front and rear suspension components by Multimatic

» 2005 Ford Mustang front suspension

» PACE Award winning Multimatic
  proprietary "I-Beam" LCA
» Trackless seat adjuster

» FEA of IP structure

» Lightweight steel IP structure

» Trackless seat adjuster

» AIDA 3200 tonne tandem press

» Robotic welding cells

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Suspension Systems
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A Full-Service Supplier of Complex Structures and Suspension Components

The Multimatic Structures & Suspension Group manufactures fully engineered, high quality body and chassis components, assemblies and systems for high volume as well as niche vehicle manufacturers. The Group's commitment to continuous improvement, executed by a dedicated workforce, has earned it recognition for:

  • Highly automated stamping and welding processes
  • Manufacturing facilities that can be tailored to meet any product configuration and process requirement
  • Supplier of choice for I/P structures, seating hardware, and other integrated vehicle sub-systems
  • The number one small/medium stamper at Ford Motor Company
  • High volume production suspension components and modules
  • Niche vehicle dampers and strut systems
  • Advanced, proprietary roll and hot form manufacturing process
  • Bumpers and chassis/body structural components

Click on one of the following product brochures for additional information in a printable, easy to read PDF format.

                                Suspension Systems Brochure DSSV Brochure  

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