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ACCRA® is proven technology used by Multimatic in manufacturing complex structural components requiring high strength.

  • ACCRA® technology is used by Multimatic for structural products, including bumper beams, door impact systems, crossmembers, pillars, SORB tubes and other structural members.
  • ACCRA® technology is ideally suited for the production of closed-section, high-strength, structural members such as bumper beams, door impact systems, crossmembers and pillars.
  • Multimatic and Linde+Wiemann have been manufacturing ACCRA® structures in volume since the early 2000s.
  • Multimatic's ACCRA®-formed components contribute to IIHS SORB (Small Overlap Rigid Barrier) crash test performance.
  • Tesla's award-winning Model S benefits from the performance advantages of ACCRA®-formed front bumper beams.

ACCRA® is a technology for producing complex, hollow-profile, fully-martensitic structures at 1500+ MPa strength and is especially well-suited for products that require:

  • High structural performance (comparable to hot stamping/PHS) within tight packaging constraints
  • Light weight, without the cost of exotic materials
  • Closed-section assemblies with no heat-affected zones
  • Aggressive bends, sweeps or indents
  • Variability based on profile cut length
  • Medium to high volume production

ACCRA® structures combine the following:

  • High performance and excellent value compared to aluminum or high strength steel
  • Design flexibility
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Compatibility with existing processes