//     Multimatic Mechanisms

OEMs and niche builders turn to Multimatic for complex electromechanical systems and controls.

  • Multimatic developed the Aston Martin One-77's mechatronic rear wing (and wiper and electronically adjustable ride height suspension systems).
  • At both front and rear, the Ford GT features Multimatic-produced mechatronic aerodynamic devices to maintain optimal aero balance, on road or track.
  • Air doors on the Ford GT's mechatronic front underwing open/close to alter downforce, dependent on the position of the rear wing.
  • The RUF CTR3 relies on a Multimatic-designed retractable rear wing, crucial for aerodynamic stability at high speeds.
  • In 1991, Multimatic developed a mechatronic 4-side flush glass, frameless door system, complete with electronically actuated latching and seal articulation.

In the early 1990s Multimatic began engineering custom mechatronic systems for prototype and production programs.

The company has since designed, engineered and produced inventive electrically-actuated mechanisms for a variety of vehicle applications. Multimatic’s aerodynamics and vehicle-dynamics expertise supports the ongoing development of creative mechatronic solutions.