//     Multimatic Mechanisms

Multimatic’s tight integration of manufacturing with centralized engineering assures efficient development of high-value products.

  • Robotic assembly ensures maximum consistency and high production rates.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques enable high-volume production of precision components.
  • Strict quality control standards are embedded in the manufacturing process.
  • Integrated production facilities support multiple product lines and vehicle programs.

Each Multimatic Mechanisms production facility features dedicated teams for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), process development and implementation, quality control, purchasing and human resources, as well as decentralized management with full P&L responsibility.

Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Automated assembly lines with pick-and-place robotics, linear transfer systems, component bowl feeding, distributed computer control, poka-yoke systems and embedded checking of dimensional and functional performance
  • State-of-the-art, high-volume stamping, machining and assembly equipment
  • Underground scrap removal, quick change tooling and efficient ‘back-to-back’ press configurations
  • Well-equipped tool rooms for production die and equipment maintenance
  • Comprehensive production validation testing

Supporting the manufacturing facilities, Multimatic Engineering provides centralized product development, analysis, prototyping and testing services, as well as in-house tooling design and production.