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» Multimatic Ball and Groove
  Door Check
» Multimatic Ball and Groove
  Door Check
» Profile 3 Piece Lift Off
  Side Door Hinge
» Proprietary Integral "Needle" Check
  Side Door Hinge
» Multimatic Ball and Groove
  Door Check Patent
Stamped / Profile Side Door Hinge

» Forged 270 Degree 4-Bar
  Rear Cargo Door Hinge
» Multimatic Ball and Groove
  Door Check
» Cam and Roller Integral Check
  Side Door Hinge
» Twin Pin, Lift-Off Side Door Hinge

» Forged Tailgate Hinge with
  "Z-Adjust" Feature
» Tailgate Hinge with Integrated
  Lift Assist Feature
» Formed Tube "Gooseneck"
  Single Pivot Decklid Hinge
» Single Pivot Hood Hinge

» Multimatic Ball and Groove
  Door Check
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Hinge Systems
  Home Mechanisms

A Benchmark Global Hinge System Supplier

The Multimatic Mechanisms Group manufactures high quality, closure hardware systems for all vehicle applications. With facilities in North America and Europe, and representation in all major markets, the Multimatic Mechanisms Group is a world-class full service supplier providing;

  • Stamped, profile, cast and forged hinge systems for all applications including door, hood, trunk, liftgate/decklid and sliding doors
  • Closure checking, assist and power devices


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