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Subjective evaluation testing is where Multimatic’s vehicle dynamics development meets the road – and track.

  • Multimatic has engineering and garage spaces at Calabogie Motorsports Park – the company’s “home” track.
  • On-track testing, validation and optimization are specialties of Multimatic’s experienced staff.
  • Multimatic's fully characterized parameter car faithfully validates vehicle simulations.

Subjective testing by Multimatic’s expert vehicle dynamics personnel enhances chassis development programs. Vehicles are put through their paces in real-world and extreme conditions, honing ride, steering and handling performance to client-defined tuning targets.

Supported by a team of dedicated engineers and technicians, Multimatic’s Vehicle Dynamics department boasts some of the world’s leading ‘seat-of-the-pants’ experts:

  • US-based Murray White is Multimatic’s Technical Director of Vehicle Development. The ride and handling of numerous OEMs’ high-profile vehicles have benefitted from his involvement.
  • A mainstay in Multimatic Motorsports‘ two-decade-plus history, Lead Development Driver, Scott Maxwell, provides thorough and verifiable technical feedback.

Watch Multimatic driver Scott Maxwell attack Calabogie Motorsports
Park in a Multimatic built Ford Racing Mustang Boss 302R