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Aside from automotive, Multimatic’s engineering know-how and resources have benefitted consumer, marine, aerospace, communications and military projects.

  • Multimatic's advanced composites production processes benefit satellite dish manufacturing.
  • The patented QuikBlade® removable skate blade system was engineered by Multimatic.
  • Composite sailboats and catamarans built by Multimatic have a winning record in competition.

Engineering disciplines and practices – including tightly-coupled design, analysis, testing and prototyping — used in developing world-class vehicle products also apply beyond the automotive realm.

Examples of Multimatic’s non-automotive projects include:

  • QuikBlade replaceable skate blade system
  • Recreational ATV suspension development
  • Snowmobile suspension development
  • Composite C-class catamarans
  • Composite racing sailboats
  • X-Power high-performance stern drive
  • Composite communication dishes
  • Gaming machine structural analyses and cycle-test equipment
  • Vending machine mechanism design
  • Composite crossbow development