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Multimatic’s full range of engineering, analysis and development services result in advanced body, chassis and suspension systems.

  • Engineered and constructed by Multimatic, the first of a new generation of Ford GT racecars shows off its carbon fibre skin in 2015.
  • Multimatic's expertise in composite chassis design dates back to the PNGV study of 1998.
  • The 2003 Daytona 24-winning Ford Focus Daytona Prototype was engineered and built by Multimatic.
  • Vehicle design and engineering services include extensive analytical simulation.
  • Lola's Le Mans class-winning B2K-40 features a Multimatic hybrid-material monocoque.
  • Multimatic developed the de Macross GT1's carbon/aluminum hybrid tub for short-run production.
  • Ford contracted Multimatic to engineer Canadian-market certification compliance for the 2005 GT.

Multimatic designs, develops and supplies individual components through to complete systems. This expertise in high-volume production, applied vehicle systems and advanced R&D augments customer engineering and development activities at any stage. Multimatic Engineering delivers:

  • Conceptual industrial design, styling and class-A surfacing
  • Body structure, closure systems and advanced-function mechanisms engineering
  • Application of advanced, lightweight materials, including industry-leading expertise in the engineering of composites for structural applications:
    • Proprietary simulation methods and material formulation
    • Extensive in-house, proprietary material properties characterization and database
    • Optimization for crash energy management and safety
  • Complete vehicle dynamics development services, including analytical simulation, rig testing and track/road evaluation
  • Suspension system and component design with manufacturing development for high-volume applications or niche vehicles
  • Full vehicle chassis integration and management of chassis subsystems
  • Rigorous application of industry and OEM design engineering standards and processes