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Multimatic delivers low-volume, PPAP-compliant components for prototype, demonstrator and specialty applications.

  • Multimatic's short-run capabilities enabled rapid supply of control arms for a 2,000-unit production vehicle run.
  • Multimatic's robotic weld lab enables definition of weld sequences and parameters in the pre-production phase.
  • Pull-ahead fabrication helps Multimatic customers meet compressed timing, and enables on-vehicle validation.
  • Multimatic Composites supplied decklids for Ford's 30-unit run of hydrogen-powered FCVs.
  • Multimatic expedited manufacturing of lightweight aluminum control arms for an OEM prototype fleet.

By emulating key manufacturing processes during prototyping, Multimatic produces short-run parts early in the launch cycle. This capability is especially important to Multimatic’s customers when program timing becomes compressed or quick redesigns are required, or simply for low-volume vehicle builds.