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Multi-post rig testing is a vital element in Multimatic’s vehicle development process.

  • Road or race vehicles can be analyzed on Multimatic’s multi-post rigs.
  • The company maintains multi-post test facilities on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Rig testing can be standalone, or an integral part of an overall development program.
  • Duration and costs of suspension development can be reduced via rig testing.

Developed in-house, Multimatic multi-post rigs are specifically designed for vehicle dynamics testing and development, using proprietary hardware, control systems and analytical software.

Test measurements assess:

  • Modal ‘rigid body’ natural frequencies and damping ratios
  • Modal response coupling
  • Contact patch load variations
  • Vehicle flexibility and damper non-linearity effects
  • Suspension motion ratios
  • Suspension friction levels
  • Suspension installation stiffness
  • Estimated tire dynamic stiffness
  • Relative vehicle ride and handling performance for different suspension setups

Multimatic measures and documents the full range of vehicle dynamics parameters to create a comprehensive suspension performance baseline. This provides an ideal starting point for ongoing road or track optimization.

Multimatic’s Vehicle Dynamics department boasts one of the most influential ‘vertical’ vehicle dynamicists:

  • With over 30 years’ experience in measurement, analysis and control systems, Dave Williams installed and supported the first digital measurement system on a race vehicle and played a lead role in the development of the Lotus Active Suspension System (the first to support a Grand Prix win). He was also the lead designer of the multi-post rigs installed at Multimatic’s Technical Centres in Canada (MTC) and the U.K. (MTCe).