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All Multimatic products are subjected to rigorous durability and environmental testing.

  • Walk-in environmental and salt-spray chambers run 24/7 to torture-test ball joints.
  • Robotic testing thoroughly vetted Multimatic’s StepGate™
  • All ball joints engineered by Multimatic are subjected to severe load testing.
  • Load frames are used to cycle-test larger components such as control arms.

Multimatic performs exhaustive environmental and durability tests during the product development cycle. Sample testing is also carried out on all critical parts during production.

Test equipment includes:

  • Single- and multi-axis servo-hydraulic actuators for strength- and fatigue-testing
  • Load frames for cycle-testing larger components and subsystems
  • Ball joint wear and durability testers
  • Ball joint stud fatigue testers
  • Robotic durability test machines
  • Custom-designed and -built test machines having advanced controls and data acquisition capabilities
  • Walk-in environmental chambers (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Salt-spray chambers
  • Specific ball joint environmental-testing chambers

Multimatic’s test capabilities match or surpass all internationally mandated industry requirements