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Transforming Ideas Into Reality

The Multimatic Engineering Group specializes in providing design, analysis, prototyping and validation capabilities to the global Engineering Servicesautomotive, aerospace and consumer product industries.

With facilities in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., the organization offers a unique blend of high-volume, production focused engineering, applied vehicle systems expertise and advanced R&D experience. Projects range from standalone structural analyses through completely integrated, "art to part" development programs.

Multimatic's competitive advantage is its people. The very best talent in the industry appropriately matched to their job. Multimatic's team works with the most technically advanced engineering tools available, in a results driven and highly stimulating environment. A creative mix of motorsports and mainstream automotive engineering expertise and experience allows Multimatic Engineering to excel within extremely challenging project timescales.

The Multimatic Engineering Group specializes in providing integrated design, analysis, prototyping, validation and R&D activities for production intended products.

  • More than 250 staff worldwide
  • Facilities in Canada, USA and UK
  • Design group 100% graduate engineers
  • All design performed using advanced CAD and digital mock-up software
  • Extensive worldwide network of CAD systems
  • Structural, crash/impact and forming analysis
  • Kinematic/dynamics mechanism solutions
  • Extensive prototype facilities capable of complete process validation and full vehicle builds
  • Ford FSS certified

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Multimatic Engineering Services Multimatic Prototypes Multimatic Composites Muyltimatic Suspension Development


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