// Dynamic Suspensions by Multimatic

Professional motorsport’s pre-eminent damper technology is now available for the road.

  • DSSV® is an acronym for Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve.
  • Flow through a spool valve can be precisely controlled and mathematically modeled.
  • Primary spool valve components from a Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 damper.

DSSV® is an acronym for Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve.

Use of spool valves in competition and road car dampers was pioneered by Multimatic in 2001 in order to deliver the highest level of damper predictability, accuracy and repeatability. Precise control of these performance characteristics help deliver the ultimate in wheel and vehicle control.

The spool valve based technology was originally embraced by the motorsport community, and is now available in a range of configurations. DSSV® dampers are now standard equipment on select high performance production road cars including the Aston Martin One-77 and 2014 Camaro Z/28.

DSSV® is more than just a damper: it is a complete system, incorporating hardware, software and engineering services.

DSSV® delivers superior suspension performance by:

  • Enabling the generation of any required force-velocity (F-V) characteristic using Dynamic Suspensions SpecFinder™ software
  • Reducing flutter and overshoot to provide superior transient response
  • Delivering minimized fade at increasing frequencies
  • Operating in a turbulent oil flow regime, thus assuring thermal insensitivity (force degradation at 120°C is under 4%, compared to up to 16% for a shim damper)
  • Enabling fully independent control of compression and rebound damping characteristics
  • Reduced force variation between units
  • Accelerating development cycles using adjustable on-damper development units supported by valve configuration software, with ‘no-change’ transition from development units to production parts through identical nonadjustable valve configurations