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Multimatic is organized into five operating groups:

Each is incentivized and motivated to be highly responsive to customer needs.

Multimatic Mechanisms

Established in 1984, Multimatic Mechanisms produces automotive hinge systems, door checks, complex mechanisms, powered closures and aerodynamic systems.

Multimatic Structures & Suspension

Since 1986, Multimatic Structures & Suspension’s expanding range of products include instrument panel (IP) beams, bumper beams, roof bows and rocker panel structures. Our suspension portfolio includes control arms and links, ball joints, aluminum suspension components and Multimatic DSSV™ dampers.

Multimatic Engineering

Multimatic Engineering was established in 1989 to support our manufacturing divisions. Today, Multimatic Engineering provides a comprehensive range of services to internal and external automotive customers.

Multimatic Niche Vehicles

Separated from our Engineering group in 2019, Multimatic Niche Vehicles specializes in the production of low-volume road cars from dedicated facilities in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Multimatic Special Vehicle Operations

Established in 2020, Multimatic Special Vehicle Operations provides complete-vehicle engineering and supports Multimatic Niche Vehicles in the assembly of those vehicles. The group also includes all Multimatic Motorsports activities.