//     Structures and Suspension

Multimatic’s mechatronic suspension development programs benefit from the company’s extensive vehicle-systems and motorsports expertise.

  • Multimatic has evolved its DSSV™ dampers to include electronically adjustable spool valves — eDSSV™
  • On the Ford GT, a dual ride-height and spring-rate system — with active eDSSV™ damping — operates in conjunction with an active aero package.
  • Multimatic DSERDTM energy recovery dampers earned special recognition in 2012 as Professional Motorsport World's "Technology of the Year."
  • Aston Martin's One-77 supercar features Multimatic's variable-rocker-motion-ratio suspension including DSSV™ dampers.

Multimatic’s range of engineered mechatronic suspension systems includes:

  • A sophisticated suspension system for high-performance applications, featuring:
    • Variable rocker motion ratios for increased wheel spring rates and effective damping at lower ride heights and/or high-speed conditions
    • Electronically adjustable ride height with variable wheel rate and damping for high-speed aerodynamics and stability
  • The award-winning Dynamic Suspensions Energy Recovery Damper (DSERDTM) technology, which supports fully and partially active modes compatible with the energy-recovery focus of top-line motorsports

Multimatic’s mechatronics portfolio incorporates the design, engineering and production of smart, electrically-powered suspension products for a variety of vehicle applications. The company’s aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics expertise supports the ongoing development of mechatronic suspension solutions.