The Ford Boss 302R Mustang

MARKHAM, Ontario (December 27, 2009) – The following is coverage of the announcement of the Boss 302R from www.stangnet.com:

Ford Racing just took us forward with a glance back at the magical past that was the BOSS 302 Mustang.  The Mustang BOSS 302R is a complete factory-built race car, prepped for time trials in any imaginable circuit.  Boy Racers beware; your wallets are about to take a trip down a path often feared taken. The BOSS 302R brings back 5.0 liters of American V-8 muscle and crams all those ponies into a tightly-knit, track-capable Ford Mustang.  Keep reading to get the full scoop in the Ford Press Release.

To see the entire article and read the press release, click here.