Drayson Racing Sets New FIA World Electric Land Speed Record Using Multimatic DSERD Technology

THETFORD, England (July 5th, 2013) – Highlighting electronic vehicles’ exciting potential and shining a bright light into the future of electric technology in motorsport, Multimatic contributed to last week’s lightweight electric land speed record, set by Drayson Racing’s Lola B12/69 EV. Achieving a phenomenal 204.2mph (328.6km/h) at RAF Elvington, near York in the UK, Drayson Racing obliterated the previous speed record of 174mph. Pioneer and project visionary, Lord Paul Drayson, set the top speed over two runs in the former Le Mans prototype Lola which ran an ultra-low downforce configuration for the successful attempt.

The record breaking Lola is fitted with unique Dynamic Suspensions Energy Recovery Dampers (DSERD) which harvest energy in a manner similar to that of regenerative braking. Road input energy normally dissipated as heat by the dampers is instead converted to electricity by the DSERD and stored in a capacitor for later use. DSERD is unique in that it utilises a novel mechanism to rapidly spin a motor/generator which is controlled by a proprietary electronic management system. The DSERD electronics precisely control the speed at which the motor/generator spins, providing high fidelity damper control while extracting excess energy as well as allowing a partially active regime.

The chance to deploy DSERD on a record setting electric race car was an exceptional opportunity for Multimatic to accelerate the development of this new technology in anticipation of future race and road car applications.

Multimatic Engineering’s Vice President, Larry Holt stated: “I would like to congratulate Lord Paul Drayson and his team on this outstanding achievement. They have proven that electric vehicles can be exciting and inspirational, while at the same time raising awareness of the possibilities associated with energy conservation in the motorsport industry. Multimatic decided almost two years ago that working with Drayson Racing was the perfect opportunity to showcase our engineering expertise and demonstrate DSERD’s potential. The in-house developed technology has now proven its capabilities on the track and during this record breaking run. We look ahead in anticipation to Formula E and further progress in alternative powered motorsports.”

The Drayson record breaking run last week was an important element in Multimatic’s green technology strategy and is a crucial component in its future active suspension development. The ability to harvest road input energy is a prime enabler in Multimatic’s vision of zero-power-consumption mechatronics-based vehicle suspension and is also evidence of its potential future use in automotive projects and applications.

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