2012 Toronto Auto Show: Aston Martin One-77 has Canadian Connection

MARKHAM, Ontario (February 17, 2012) – Multimatic’s connection to Aston Martin and the One-77 supercar has been featured prominently in the Canadian press in conjunction with the 2012 Toronto Auto Show:

From Wheels.ca / Toronto Star:

“But the Aston Martin has something none of those others can match: a Canadian connection.

The One-77 begins its life in the GTA. Its core construction, the carbon-fibre body/chassis structure, is built in Markham at a company called Multimatic.

Multimatic may not be as well known by the public as some other Canadian automotive companies, such as Magna, but it is a major supplier of parts and components to the auto industry.

It’s also a familiar name in the racing world, for Multimatic designs and builds everything from damper systems for Formula 1 cars to race-ready Mustangs for Ford.

But the company’s technology capabilities go even deeper. Its engineering portfolio includes such vehicles as the Shelby Series 1 and the Ford GT, as well as the Aston Martin One-77.

Not only does Multimatic build the core monocoque structure of the One-77, it was responsible for its engineering, along with that of the car’s race-car-like suspension system and pretty much everything else, except for the interior and the drivetrain.”

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From the Globe and Mail:

“The One-77 even features some worthy Canadian content, with a carbon-fibre monocoque structure developed with GTA-based race and the engineering firm Multimatic, though the car is hand-built in Gaydon, England. The One-77 coming to Toronto for the show is one of the final pre-production engineering versions of this car, having racked up some 23,000 kilometres of high-speed endurance testing at the immense Nardo circuit in Italy and, of course, the Nürburgring in Germany.”

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