// Multimatic Composites

Multimatic delivers world-class composites from facilities in North America and Europe.

  • Assembly of a composite body-in-white at Multimatic’s Niche Vehicles facility in Coventry.
  • Multimatic has 6 full-size autoclaves capable of producing automotive monocoques and bodywork.
  • Multimatic has been developing composite body structures since the mid-1990s.
  • Multimatic CFT has large-bed 3- and 5-axis CNC equipment to support mould production.
  • Multimatic addresses customers’ demanding standards with meticulous fit and finish.
  • The composite bodywork of Aston Martin's Zagato – produced and assembled by Multimatic.

Multimatic is equipped to deliver composite components, subassemblies and vehicle bodies at outstanding levels of quality and finish.

Global manufacturing facilities include:

  • Engineered tooling solutions for varying production volumes
  • Creation and management of detailed laminating instructions
  • Climate-controlled clean room facilities for part lay-up
  • Automated kit cutting, maximizing material utilization
  • Advanced laminating methods
  • ‘Traditional’ and innovative production processes: autoclave, matched-metal compression/press forming, bladder forming, resin infusion and more
  • Some of the largest commercially available autoclaves in North America and Europe
  • Post-processing operations such as robotic trimming, bonding and sub-assembly
  • Quality assurance and inspection (Faro, laser scanning, hard probing, 3-axis gantry CMM)
  • Full paint capability