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A world-class source for competition engineering and race program management, Multimatic Motorsports has amassed an enviable list of high-profile wins since 1992.

  • Multimatic has a proven track record developing and homologating race vehicles.
  • Full-service race preparation and trackside engineering support is available worldwide.
  • Multimatic offers aero and K&C testing, as well as in-house multi-post and simulation services.
  • Customers use Multimatic's Driver-in-the-Loop simulator for vehicle setup and driver development.
  • Multimatic can provide existing Lola customer teams with ongoing development, support and parts.
  • Multimatic Motorsports can provide international race support and logistics.

Since its inception, Multimatic Motorsports has demonstrated the ability to deliver:

  • Engineering, development and series-production of competition cars
  • Full-service race preparation, logistics and trackside support services
  • Personnel, resources and facilities for advanced vehicle dynamics development
  • Access to Multimatic’s wealth of advanced technologies and engineering know-how
  • Development of monocoque- and spaceframe-platform vehicles in steel, aluminum and composite materials
  • The benefits of multi-post rig testing (vehicle dynamics characterization), Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) testing, aerodynamic testing and analysis (including CFD)
  • Full vehicle parameterization services including CoG determination, multi-post rig analysis and the development of complex tire profiles
  • New and innovative technical solutions such as Multimatic’s proprietary DSSV™ damping technology

Multimatic Motorsports has a separate website that showcases current activities and provides a historical record of over two decades of hard-fought, wheel-to-wheel racing. Go to www.multimaticmotorsports.com or click on the image below.