//     Multimatic Mechanisms

Multimatic: a world leader in the design, production and delivery of high-volume door check systems since 1986.

  • Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheckTM has been fitted to over 157 different vehicle models to date.
  • The Multimatic 8mm Ball&Groove door checks: Gen 1 and the new, improved Gen 2.
  • Range Rover chose Multimatic Ball&GrooveCheckTM for its award-winning Evoque.
  • The patented Multimatic HighValueCheckTM exemplifies the company's innovation.

Multimatic Mechanisms’ wide range of door check solutions includes:

  • Multimatic 8mm Ball&GrooveCheckTM, 12 mm Ball&GrooveCheckTM, and high-energy door check
  • The innovative Multimatic BridgelessHingeTM with integral NeedleCheckTM
  • Multimatic HighValueCheckâ„¢ — a novel torsion bar-style check

Multimatic continues to develop new and innovative door closure management systems including power side door systems.