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Multimatic’s accurate impact simulations significantly reduce vehicle development time and cost.

  • Multimatic's simulation expertise delivers accurate predictions of real-world performance.
  • Simulating multiple impact modes enables crash performance optimization.
  • Multimatic's predictive accuracy provides critical savings for low-volume manufacturers.
  • Multimatic's predictive methods enable quick development in response to emerging regulations.

Modelling the behaviour of components, subsystems and complete vehicles during impact is a core competency of Multimatic’s Predictive Methods department.

As impact simulations involve complex interactions between components in highly dynamic events, Multimatic’s predictive models account for:

  • Nonlinear material behaviours (yielding, fracture, strain-rate dependence)
  • Contact and large deformations
  • Dynamic (inertia) effects
  • Metallic, non-metallic and composite material behaviours

These models are validated with in-house component and subsystem testing.

Multimatic maintains a full suite of validated barrier models applicable to all jurisdictions.