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Multimatic delivers comprehensive component, subsystem and vehicle testing services.

  • Rigorous durability testing validates all phases of Multimatic product development.
  • Torsional stiffness testing can decide the case for structural enhancement.
  • Multimatic boasts in-house, multi-post rigs in both Canada and the UK
  • Controlled crash testing is conducted to validate Multimatic's impact simulations.
  • Multimatic Composites fabricates accurate wind tunnel models for aero testing.
  • In-house modal testing identifies vehicle body natural frequencies.

Closing the loop on the engineering development process, Multimatic’s testing expertise generates results which correlate and validate actual vs. target performance of components, systems and complete vehicles.

Development testing is conducted at Multimatic’s Technical Centres in Canada (MTC) and the U.K. (MTCe), with production validation testing conducted at Multimatic’s manufacturing facilities.

Primary testing capabilities include: