// Dynamic Suspensions by Multimatic

SpecFinder™ is a fully predictive computerized simulation that precisely models DSSV® damper spool valves and hydraulic flow.

  • SpecFinder™ provides a user-configurable display - in this case showing bump & rebound mirrored.
  • With SpecFinder™, it is possible to overlay multiple configurations compared to a reference.
  • SpecFinder™ can display damping characteristics in a range of user-preferred formats.
  • SpecFinder™ can be used to preview potential changes in high or low-speed valve settings.
  • Use SpecFinder™ to determine the damping characteristics of an adjustable blow-off system.
  • It is possible to import dyno data in multiple formats, or simply 'cut & paste' from other apps.
  • SpecFinder™ included a direct interface to Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Dynos.
  • The software allows data to be exported in multiple file formats.

Much more than a database of DSSV® information, SpecFinder™ provides an accurate software representation of Multimatic’s industry-leading damper hardware allowing users to generate and compare different spool valve configurations. By selecting an appropriate cartridge from the available valve library, it is possible to visualize the resultant Force-Velocity (F-V) characteristics of the damper. Drop-down menus allow a user to select both the DSSV® valves for bump and rebound, as well as the actual on-car adjuster settings. The software enables configuration planning of any DSSV® damper using only a laptop computer.

Although not necessary when using SpecFinder™, some organizations use a Dynamic Suspensions dynamometer for configuration validation.

Using this powerful software tool, a race engineer or vehicle dynamics expert can build an accurate library of configurations to compare damper and vehicle performance – damper to damper, track to track and even season to season.