// Dynamic Suspensions by Multimatic

Dynamic Suspensions offers dynamometers to accommodate a range of test requirements and budgets.

  • Dynamic Suspensions' portable damper dyno (right) will fit into the trunk of a car.

From Formula One teams to manufacturing plants to engineering facilities to track-side support vehicles, Dynamic Suspensions damper dynamometers are used to test, tune and optimize damper configurations for race, road, motorcycle and off-road applications.

There are four dynamometers in the Dynamic Suspensions lineup:

  • Portable
  • Standard Mechanical
  • 3-Phase Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

The Portable unit has found favour with race teams who may ship their pit equipment by air. Its compact size also enables easy transportation.

Damper Dynamometers – Mechanical vs. Hydraulic
Damper dynamometers are designed to actuate the tested device (not always a damper) and measure its force response as a function of the position and velocity of the test profile.

Damper testing machines are either mechanical or hydraulic – Dynamic Suspensions is unique in offering both types.

  • Dynamic Suspensions mechanical dynos are:
    • Crank/ scotch yoke driven
    • Simpler, lighter, and less complex than hydraulic models
  • Dynamic Suspensions hydraulic dynos are more flexible, with:
    • Higher frequency operation (30 Hz. vs. 6 Hz)
    • An infinitely variable test stroke (from 1mm to 100mm)
    • A wide variety of usable waveforms
    • The ability to replay track data
    • Static testing capability (in tension and compression)
    • Automated testing capability (with dampers pistons in different initial positions)
    • Comprehensive testing of bump rubbers and springs
    • The hydraulic power supply inside the main casing (eliminating external pipes and simplifying transportation)