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Multimatic’s track record of success at all levels of motorsport spans over two decades.

  • Multimatic provides race engineering support for Mazda Team Joest RT24-P IMSA DPi program.
  • Multimatic personnel, technology and resources support major race programs globally.
  • An impressive list of world-class drivers work with Multimatic.
  • Multimatic built Mazda's Lola prototypes and supported early development.

Multimatic offers an extensive array of race-related services:

  • Complete vehicle engineering and fabrication
  • Vehicle development and optimization using Multimatic’s DIL Simulator, as well as multi-post rig testing at facilities in North America and Europe
  • Pre-race and trackside engineering and race management
  • Trackside damper profiling, rebuilding and service

Additionally, Multimatic makes advanced trackside tools available as part of its comprehensive race vehicle development and management services:

  • Setup-optimization software using the CarRealTime vehicle model
  • Graphed pre-event sensitivity metrics used to identify critical vehicle characteristics, corners and sectors at specific circuits
  • A vehicle ride model quantifying effects of spring/damper/third spring changes at various states around a circuit
  • Aero map visualization of CoP and downforce migration in all turns around a given circuit
  • Track metrics summaries used to characterize and sort for common characteristics or demands (braking power/lap, lateral work done/lap, etc.)
  • Setup comparison tools